Sarika Kulkarni

Founder Trustee - RAAH Foundation
Sarika Kulkarni
Her Story
An alumnus of AIT, Dr Sarika Kulkarni is the head of CSR at India Infoline. She has joined them in 2015 while the company was in the process of setting up its own foundation. She has also founded Raah Foundation and is very passionate about her work with women and youth in tribal villages of Maharashtra providing entrepreneurial training to them to produce and market products such as bags, soaps, food items etc. Prior to this she was a successful entrepreneur having built her own BPO business Suyash Software Pvt Ltd which was sold to CBay systems in 2011.
A women of substance, Dr. Kulkarni was instrumental in organizing a relief fund over 1 Crore Rupees for the J&K Flood victims and is definitely one of the Success Stories of the AIT saga...
Source: The Cap Blog
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